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Why Use Mobile Consultants? Why Not Go Direct To The Supplier?

Mobile phones have undoubtedly made our day to day lives easier and therefore have also become a vital part of any business. Most companies want to maximise the efficiency of their staff and want the ability to keep up with customer demands. When looking for a mobile service for your business, it may be tempting to go direct to the suppliers to purchase your devices. However, using mobile consultants could be more beneficial.

Finding the right mobile for your business needs

Before going ahead with a mobile supplier, it’s important to identify whether they can meet your business needs, both now and over the lifetime of the contract. Suppliers will always try to sell you a product or service that is most beneficial to them, and won’t necessarily consider your best interests. It is also difficult to compare different mobile proposals from different suppliers. Mobile providers intentionally do this, so while one will offer you 3Gb per month per user another will only offer 4Gb and that’s before they start throwing in ‘tech funds’, ‘airtime credits’ and ‘rebates’, which all increase the complexity to compare apples for apples.

The role of mobile consultants is to identify your business needs and then ask the market to meet those needs. The only financial consideration will be whether the service or product can meet your needs within your budget.

Independent comparison service

Finding the right mobile service for your business could potentially mean looking at a number of different suppliers. Going direct to a supplier means you are limiting your business to their products or services without any independent comparison. This could cost your business thousands in the long run. Independent mobile consultants can save you valuable time and a great deal of effort by looking at a broad range of suppliers and comparing their products for you. Any guidance they offer is completely unbiased, so you can have complete confidence that their advice is right for your business.

Save your company money

It is surprising how many businesses pay for services or devices they don’t use without even realising it. Suppliers don’t offer a service that identifies how many devices you are already paying for compared to how many you are actually using. Mobile consultants can offer a mobile audit service which will identify the areas where money is being spent unnecessarily and also where savings can be made on services that are needed.

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