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Network Consultants

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Soniza is a technical network consultancy.  Our team of experienced consultants have helped hundreds of organisations define their network strategy, procure a new network infrastructure and save millions of pounds through our cost savings practices such as Audits or Contract Renegotiations.

WAN Consultants

Soniza are independent Networking consultants providing a range for consultancy services, from cost savings via Network Auditing and Contract Negotiations to Network Strategy and WAN Procurement. Our proven methodologies, approach and experience ensures our clients receive the best advice and guidance on the technology, suppliers and solutions.


We understand the benefit to business of a well thought out network strategy and know where technology works in the real world.   Our knowledge has allowed us to help clients get a pragmatic view of the WAN landscape and benefit from our years of experience.


Soniza takes into account all factors when looking at the network, where services are located, what service levels are required, latency, RTD, company profile, wider services strategy, all this ensure the best possible approach for the business.

Network Cable Technician

Businesses evolve with market conditions and the Network innovation has mirrored this evolution.  With most companies looking to the Cloud to provide operational savings, security and agility, the network to has revolutionised to meet these business demands.


Soniza has for many years helped clients define their network strategy.  We work with our clients to ensure the goals are clear and achievable based on real-world experience. We know that one size does not fit all when it comes to your strategy and we ensure that whether it be an MPLS, Hybrid, SD-WAN or Internet-only solution that you're on the right journey to support the business over the next 5+ years. 


Our consultants understand the technology, the market and the suppliers to provide comprehensive advice to our clients and ensure the strategy will meet the commercial, functional and business requirements.


For more information on our approach to strategy click here or to speak to one of our consultants please contact us.

Soniza's team of network consultants are continually running procurement for new WAN infrastructure for our clients.  Encompassing the supplier requirements, solution design, implementation, support and commercial negotiation, we have the processes, documentation, experience and skills to ensure an efficient, auditable procurement process is achieved.


Whether the project drivers are cost, management, increased efficiency or all three, our consultants work closely with our clients to ensure that the right solution, partner and commercial deal is achieved.


Our clients require both domestic and International solutions, and our experience of these different markets means that we know where the advantages and pitfalls of different approaches.

By selecting Soniza as your partner we will help you:

  • Identify functional, strategic and operational requirements

  • Develop a technical and procedural procurement document (RFP/ITT)

  • Help identify suitable suppliers

  • Manage the procurement process

  • Evaluate supplier solutions

  • Negotiate the best possible support agreement and cost

Contact us now for a free consultation or click here to learn more about our procurement process.

Networking Group

Knowing what you have, where it is and how much it costs is the first step to making savings on the network.  Only then can you implement savings knowing that you're not impacting users.


Often invoices are simply signed off if they look similar to the last one.  This process can go on for years and this creates a key area for saving.


An audit can identify redundant services, provide a full list of inventory, ensure that all services are on the correct tariff and provide the foundation for other projects such as procurement or strategy. 


WAN Benchmarking provides market rates for services, from simple analogue lines to international SD-WAN deployments.  Knowing the market rates for services allows you to renegotiate with an incumbent supplier or create a business case etc. 


For more information on how we can help you optimise costs with a network audit or benchmarking exercise please contact us or to find out more about our cost-saving practices, click on the learn more button below. 


At Soniza we can help manage cost efficiencies via a range of services, including:


  • Auditing - Understanding what you have, where it is and what can be removed without affecting service to staff.

  • Benchmarking - Knowing the market rates for services to create a business case or to simply renegotiate a contact with an existing supplier

  • Procurement - Procuring a new supplier to provide services at a more cost effective rate

  • Contract Renegotiation - Negotiating a contract to not only ensure rates are competitive now but also to allow flexibility in the future to reduce costs even further.


For more information on how we can help you save, please click here to speak to one of our consultants.

Contract Renegotiation 

Clients often find that they are happy with their incumbent supplier, they have built relationships over many years and are happy with the service provided. However, costs generally decrease year on year and so clients want better commercial terms or a tweak in service levels to meet the needs of the business today.


Our consultants are expert in telecoms contract negotiations, we know what the market rates are and we know what service levels can be achieved.


By using Soniza's contract renegotiation service you can benefit from:


  • The highest possible savings

  • No costly change to infrastructure

  • Achieve savings quickly

  • Maintain a good relationship with the incumbent supplier

  • Negotiate from a place of knowledge ensuring service levels can be met


For more information on the service, please contact us to speak with one of our consultants.

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