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Telecom Audit

Persistence, Methodical and Pragmatic 

By knowing what you have, where it is and how much it costs, you can save money, reduce management overhead and simplify your technology footprint.  A telecoms audit is always a good idea. 

Telecoms Audit

Audits help to save money, reduce technology footprint and/or to have an accurate inventory of services. Soniza can help you understand what you have and what you can remove without affecting service to your employees or customers.


Our audit services cover all areas of telecom but can usually fit into one of the following categories:

  • Mobiles

  • Wide Area Network

  • Infrastructure

  • Landlines

  • Managed Services

Our unique approach of combining data analysis with consultancy advice means that we not only advise on services which are not in use but also what market rate tariffs services should be on.  This gives our clients a better position of negotiation or provides the fundamental data for a business case.


Our team of consultants and data analysts have years of experience and efficient methodologies allowing them to maximise their time while keeping costs to a minimum. This combined with our consultative approach means we also advise at the strategic level what different technology areas are doing in the market and what you may wish to be aware of.

Meeting Room Business

Technology Audit

Soniza can offer our cost-saving service across most technology areas, most notably:

  • Mobile Communications

  • Wide Area Networks

  • Voice Conferencing

  • Video Conferencing

  • Contact Centres

  • Landlines

  • Managed Services

  • Maintenance Contracts

  • Hosting

  • Data Centres

  • Hardware


Our approach is to not only achieve substantial one-off savings but to continue to save our clients throughout the lifetime of the contract through continuous improvement

Audit Benefits

Zero Risk to the Business


Payment only When Savings are Achieved


Maximum Savings


Zero Upfront Cost


Covers Multiple Technology Areas


Contract in line with Savings

On-Going Savings Options


No change to Infrastructure


Options to manage Savings Implementation


Options to manage On-Going Infrastructure


Maintain a Good Relationship with Suppliers

In a Meeting
Business Conference

Experience, Expertise and Resource


We pride ourselves on being ahead of the market, knowing where technology works and where it doesn't. This means when it comes to auditing, we know where technology can be reduced. From mobiles to WAN, we've helped our clients save millions of pounds again and again from our processes and procedures.




Soniza's clients include: Penguin Random House, DAC Beachcroft, RPC, Hyde Housing, The IET, The Illuminated River Foundation, Bestways, Taylor Wimpey, The Economist, Shelter, Morgan Sindall, Keepmoat, Diabetes UK and many more... 




Soniza's team of lead consultants, support consultants, data analysts and project managers guarantee that the right skills are deployed at the right time to maximise investment, keep costs low and ensure the right resource is available throughout the lifetime of a project.

Cost Saving Service Areas

Soniza can save you cost across all areas of telecoms.  From years of extensive experience of cost saving we know where suppliers can be squeezed, where manufacturers will cut their margin's and how far suppliers are willing to go to improve service to their customers.


Our cost-saving services include:


  • Contract Negotiation / Renegotiation

  • Auditing Services

  • Benchmarking costs against market rates

  • Procurement

  • Supplier Consolidation

  • Service Review

  • Service Level Review

  • Ongoing Expense Management

  • Contract Management


By utilising our services you can optimise maximum savings while ensuring a good relationship with your suppliers.

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