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Contact Centre Consulting

Collaborative | Independent | Experienced 

The Contact Centre is one of the fastest moving areas of telecoms right now, with innovations in management, routing, new media, optimisation and regulation, not to mention AI, machine learning, IoT and self-service.


We know the importance and responsibility of the contact centre and we have the skills knowledge and experience to assist.


Contact Centre Strategy

Customer demands are higher than ever, 24x7 services, the increasing options for clients to self-serve and demand for numerous multi-media channels means that having an informed Contact Centre Strategy is vital to increase customer satisfaction. 


A good contact centre strategy should look at both internal outcomes (what you want to achieve) and external outcomes (what do your clients want to achieve).  We’ve helped many clients realise their goals based on real-world pragmatic experience. We understand the market and through working with our clients understand the demands of the modern customer experience.


To find out more about our approach to strategy click here, or to talk to one of our consultants please contact us.

Helping Clients Achieve  the Art of the Possible

Soniza are independent Contact Centre Consultants, Our Consultants focus on what matters in a contact centre, (not the latest fad) and help provide a better, more optimal experience for your customers. We pride ourselves on being ahead of the game, making sure new opportunities can be exploited and new technologies evaluated based on real-world experience.


We work to help define your contact centre strategy mapping this to the business requirements, solution design, functionality and budget.


Our extensive experience in the contact centre market has helped customers successfully channel shift customer interactions, implement new technology and helped reduce cost by deploying innovative thinking.

Contact Centre Procurement

At Soniza we understand the challenges of contact centre procurement but through years of experience, market knowledge and by understanding the technology, we can help you navigate to the right solution.


Soniza are continually running procurement for Contact Centre solutions, encompassing the requirements, solution design, implementation, support and commercial negotiation. We have the processes, documentation, experience and technical knowledge to ensure an efficient and auditable procurement process.


Whether the project outcomes are a reduction in operating cost, better management, transparency or increased functionality, our consultants work closely with you to ensure that the right solution, partner and commercial deal is achieved.

Contact us now for a free consultation or click here to learn more about our procurement process.

Business Meeting
At the Office

Business Process Mapping

The start of many Contact Centre projects is the ability to map how the current operations.  Mapping these interactions is the start of making your contact centre more efficient and providing a better experience for your agents and customers.


Soniza undertake an extensive audit of each touchpoint between you and your customers. We will map all interaction paths, including IVR's, queues, calls, emails, instant messages, videos, text messages, social media routes through to be 'answered' and what happens afterwards.  advise on how these channels can be optimised.


We advise on how each channel can be optimised and is it achieving what the goals are or are there other options to be investigated.


Contact us now to speak to one of our consultants and discuss how we can help map out your customer journey.

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