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Mobile Consultants

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From mobile contracts to the Internet of Things (IoT), mobile communications is now core infrastructure for business.  Making sure the strategy is right, the costs are competitive and the service is optimal is crucial in today's fast pace business environment.

Mobile Consultants

Enterprise mobility is a critical part of the corporate communications infrastructure. With an ever-changing marketplace and a dynamic workforce, it is essential that organisations know what they have and where it is and that the strategy and solution is in place to keep costs low. Soniza's mobile consultants are experts across domestic and international customers helping define strategies, run procurement, reduce costs and implement new technology.


Whether your drivers are cost savings or user flexibility, Soniza have the experience and industry knowledge to help you.


Mobile telephony is often one of the most expensive items on a telecoms budget, especially if international travel is involved.  Mobile services are essential for most organisations and costs have dramatically reduced year on year. So why is it often the case that costs don't reduce on a telecoms bill? The answer is often proactive management or lack thereof.

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The correct mobile strategy provides flexibility for staff, reduces costs substantially and increases transparency for users and management.


Soniza's approach is to look at the whole estate, what the business requirements are, the geographical spread of connections, business processes, and network coverage. Only then are you able to define a strategy.


In defining a strategy companies should be able to predict their expenditure and this should align with the overall business strategy, including expansion and role-based functionality.


Having defined the correct strategy, companies should look to partner with service providers that share their approach and are flexible to meet those needs.  This may include new business initiatives where new technology and functionality can facilitate increased efficiencies for example connected devices (IoT).


For more information on our approach to strategy click here or please contact us to discuss how we can help with your project.

Soniza's Mobile Consultants are continually running procurement for new mobile solutions. Encompassing the company profile, solution design, implementation, support and commercial negotiation, we have the processes, documentation, experience and skills to ensure an efficient, auditable procurement process is achieved.  This process allows Soniza a fair and independent review of the market when looking to procure a new mobile solution for clients.


Procuring a new mobile contract can be the most effective way to reduce spend and improve service.  However, mobile comms is a complex area and hidden costs can easily creep in unless you have a well thought through procurement model.


At Soniza our specialist mobile consultants ensure that a procurement is in line with the mobile and wider business strategy so that there are no surprises and everything is taken into account. 


At Soniza we understand the challenges of Mobile procurement and through years of experience, market knowledge and by understanding the technology, we can help our clients navigate to the right solution.

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Managing mobile estates has been difficult for many reasons, out of control costs, staff losing handsets, handsets not used at all, lack of management information.  The best way to gain back this control is an Audit of the mobile estate.


At Soniza we are well aware of the mammoth task it is to bring all these things in line which is why we specialise in finding the information and acting on it, reducing costs and ensuring that you are in control, enabling critical decisions to be made from a point of knowledge.


Within our audit process, we will review the contract, actual billed costs, subscription tariffs, usage tariffs (pence per minute/Mb).  We will map the contract rates against what has been billed.  As part of the service, we will identify all services on an invoice and make a recommendation on whether it is required or if it can be cancelled.


Clients that utilise our audit service usually save a minimum of 25% their annual bill.


Contact us by clicking here and start saving now.

A Benchmarking exercise allows clients to understand if they are getting good value for money.  It provides clients with accurate market rates for services which can be compared with current contracted rates.


A benchmarking project is usually initiated to either to create a business case for a further project (e.g. procurement) or to renegotiate a contract with an existing supplier.


By completing a benchmarking exercise with Soniza, clients will have independent information with which to inform the business and make further decisions which can influence the strategy or commercial negotiation. 


A Benchmarking exercise is often completed alongside an Audit process which allows for maximum cost savings.  We can also help re-negotiate with an incumbent supplier.   

If you would like to learn more about how a Benchmarking project can help you please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Mobile Contract Renegotiation

Often clients like the service being provided by a supplier but when the contract ends they also want to ensure they are getting the best possible value for money when resigning a contract.


Soniza provides contract negotiation/renegotiation on behalf of clients which ensures value for money and mutually beneficial terms.


We have the data to know what market rates should be and know where the suppliers will negotiate.  This puts Soniza in a unique position and allows our clients to take advantage of our industry knowledge to their advantage.


By utilising Soniza our clients benefit from:

  • Better commercial terms

  • Better service levels

  • Better technical solution

  • Better operational support

  • Better management visibility


For more information on contract negotiation/renegotiation and how Soniza can assist you please do not hesitate to contact us.

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