An Optimised Customer Experience Saves You Time, Money, Hassle and Most Importantly, Ensures Your Customers Are Happy.


Improving and Optimising Interactions.

A good customer experience will allow you to keep existing customers and acquire new ones. Making communication between business and customer seamless and easy for both sides is the key to success.


Expectations of 'just' having a call centre are long gone and customers are more demanding than ever, expecting multi-channel, 24x7 service, both for the consumer and increasingly B2B. Couple this with an ever-increasing number of review sites, meaning if you're not providing the service your customers want, they can not only go to a competitor but can speak out to the world with reviews, comments and personal experiences.

At Soniza we can help you address the moving parts of a customer interaction.  Where the touchpoints are in your organisation and how to make them more efficient, optimising processes and applying a consultative approach to technology that facilitates a better experience for both business and customer.

Customer Service Consultancy



We pride ourselves on being ahead of the market, knowing where technology works and where it doesn't. From reworking existing processes to make them better to advising on where technology can play a part in the customer journey. We've helped some of the best-known companies in the world optimise and innovate how they interact both internally and externally.


Soniza's clients include: Penguin Random House, The Economist, Bestways, Shelter DAC Beachcroft, RPC, Hyde Housing, The IET, The Illuminated River Foundation, BITC, Quantum Plus, Bath ASU, Taylor Wimpey, Morgan Sindall, Keepmoat, Diabetes UK and many more... 


Soniza's team of lead consultants, support consultants, data analysts and project managers guarantee that the right skills are deployed at the right time to maximise investment, keep costs low and ensure the right resource is available throughout the lifetime of a project.


Customer expectations have changed dramatically over the past 5 years.  Consumers, suppliers and businesses now expect to be able to resolve issues, buy products and review services 24x7.


This level of service demand is unprecedented and present a real challenge for business, not only to keep up with current trends but to ensure flexibility to meet changing requirements in the future.


At Soniza we provide a full 360 review, including four pillars:

  • Customers

  • Technology

  • Resource

  • Business Process

We work with our clients to define their customer strategy, the processes that are required and how they can be optimised to save time and money while providing a better service.


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The 'Customer Journey' is an important part of any business.  It can be the difference between success and failure.  Understanding how customers interact and where, if any, the failure points are is critical in driving customer satisfaction.


At Soniza we bring our experience and expertise in laying out the current processes, making recommendations on optimisation and often redesigning a more efficient solution.  This may be introducing new technology, resource and/or processes to ensure  customer and business. satisfaction.


We like to think differently, in fact, we have to, keeping pace with the industry and finding innovative ways of meeting customer and business demand is forever changing.

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Getting your business processes right will mean the difference between an effective and efficient service centre or a high maintenance one.  


When looking at business processes is important to remember the old saying, who, what, when, where and how.  This is not just about technology, it's not just about service, it's not just about people, it's about all these things coming together to provide a service which is efficient and focused on delivering good customer service.

We ensure our customers are getting the most out of their solution by ensuring interactions can be made at the right time, with the right technology, and serviced by the right resource.

To discuss we can help you define your customer experience strategy, map a successful journey and implement solutions which are right for your business, contact us now for a free chat with one of our consultants.