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Unified Communications Consultants

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Our UC Consultants have over 18 years providing UC Strategies, Procurement, Audits, Cost Saving initiatives and a host of other consultancy services. We help clients bring together telephony, collaboration, contact centre and meeting room experiences to drive efficiency, control costs and provide an environment of flexibility for staff irrespective of location.

UC Consulting

Soniza is an independent UC consultancy. We provide telephony audits, benchmarking exercises, strategies and procurement for some of the best-known brands and companies in the UK.  


Our consultants understand where the benefit of unified communications is and how UC works in the real world.  Our knowledge has allowed us to help clients get a pragmatic view of UC while establishing real business benefits.


Soniza take into account all factors when helping our clients, ensuring suppliers, products and solutions are the best possible fit for the requirement.

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Unified Communications (UC) is an umbrella term for many different technologies being integrated together, it’s not exclusive or defined in the way other technologies are and so when looking at a UC strategy you’re really looking at how you communicate as a business.


From a humble telephone call to a multi-language, international, rich-media, UC Video Conference, integrated with your CRM, ERP and calendar, UC can just above covers everything.  Some companies even refer to their contact centre as UC, as it’s a multi-media environment with complex platform integrations.


UC can be as complex or as simple as you want to make it but getting your strategy right to meet the business demands of tomorrow is key to ensure you stay ahead of the game. Shifting attitudes towards working practices means that being up to speed with the latest industry information and market knowledge is essential.


We assist our clients to define their UC strategy by looking at what the business wants to achieve and ensuring that whichever route is selected, doors aren’t closed to new opportunities.


Our Consultants have created strategies for companies of all sizes and by knowing the products and suppliers in the market we are confident in our ability to assist you at whatever stage you are at.


Contact us to discuss how we can help and start your project.

Our Unified Communications Consultants are continually running procurement for new UC solutions. Encompassing the company profile, solution design, implementation, solution support and commercial negotiation, we have the processes, documentation, experience and technical know-how to ensure an efficient, fully auditable process. 

Getting the procurement of a unified communications solution right is difficult without knowing what's in the market and having up to date information on suppliers and manufacturers.

At Soniza we understand the challenges of a UC procurement and through years of experience, we can help our clients navigate to the right solution.

By selecting Soniza as your partner we will help you:

  • Identify functional, strategic and operational requirements

  • Develop a technical and procedural procurement document (RFP/ITT)

  • Help identify suitable suppliers

  • Manage the procurement process

  • Evaluate supplier solutions

  • Negotiate the best possible support agreement and cost

Contact us now for a free consultation or click here to learn more about our procurement process.

Business Meeting

Telephony is most often the most critical communication tool in any business.  However, it is often left for years without thought and this makes it an ideal area to save money and drive efficiency. 


From office closures and services no longer in use, to maintenance renewal costs and redundant equipment, cost saving can take many forms in telephony.  Without proactive management, it is easy to fall into the trap of simply signing off invoices if they look similar to last month.


At Soniza we can help manage cost efficiencies via a range of services, including:


  • Auditing - Understanding what you have, where it is and what can be removed without affecting service to staff.

  • Benchmarking - Knowing the market rates for services to create a business case or to simply renegotiate a contact with an existing supplier

  • Procurement - Procuring a new supplier to provide services at a more cost effective rate

  • Contract Renegotiation - Negotiating a contract to not only ensure rates are competitive now but also to allow flexibility in the future to reduce costs even further.


To learn more about our cost saving consultancy, please click here..

Contract Renegotiation 

Clients often find that they are happy with their incumbent supplier, they have built relationships over many years and are happy with the service provided. However, costs generally decrease year on year and so clients want better commercial terms or a tweak in service levels to meet the needs of the business today.


Our consultants are expert in telecoms contract negotiations, we know what the market rates are and we know what service levels can be achieved.


By using Soniza's contract renegotiation service you can benefit from:


  • The highest possible savings

  • No costly change to infrastructure

  • Achieve savings quickly

  • Maintain a good relationship with the incumbent supplier

  • Negotiate from a place of knowledge ensuring service levels can be met


For more information on the service, contact us to discuss how we can help.

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