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Telecoms Procurement

Comprehensive, Robust, Efficient

An effective telecom procurement maximises cost vs benefit. Our technical knowledge of telecoms paired with our experience running telecom procurement means that we can increase efficiency, reduce the timeline and provide peace of mind that all the bases are covered.

Telecoms Procurement Consulting

Soniza knows that one size does not fit all when it comes to telecommunications procurement. Our approach is to be flexible to our clients' needs.  


We support our clients from running requirements workshops and drawing up a specification to completely running the procurement process, including contract negotiation and implementation support.


Our broad depth of knowledge means that we can help our clients procure multiple services that not only provide a commercial benefit but also allows customers to integrate features and functions for a better user experience.

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Procuring new contact centre solution is no longer a case of like for like replacement.  Customer Service now provides the opportunity to connect with your customers in new and exciting ways.


Historically integrating a bit of email meant a multimedia experience but now customers are demanding much more than simply voice and email. From integrating Social Media and SMS to Alexa Voice to Virtual Reality.  However, knowing what's right for your business is key to a successful contact centre procurement.


At Soniza we help clients identify requirements, write the technical, functional and support specification, identify suitable suppliers, help run the procurement process, evaluate supplier responses and negotiate the best deal.


Our consultants have years of experience helping organisations transform their customer interactions through procurement of replacement and new services.


For more information on our contact centre service please click here below or contact us to start your project.

Unified Communications (UC) incorporates such a diverse range of technologies that being up to speed on the industry can be a challenge.  The incumbent suppliers such as Microsoft, Cisco, Mitel, Amazon, Google, RingCentral, 8x8, Fuze, Broadsoft, Short-Tel etc. all have constantly evolving UC products.


At Soniza we make it our business to be ahead of the market, knowing what new innovations have been released, what's in the pipeline and in which situations solutions work and perhaps more importantly which they don't.


We will work with you to define what's right for the business, what type of suppliers you want to work with and create bespoke procurement documentation based on what you actually need to achieve your goals.


Soniza are a truly independent consultancy, meaning we don't take any commissions, savings or incentives from anyone on the suppliers' side of the industry.  Our sole source of income comes from our clients which means that we operate a fair and auditable procurement process.


For more information on our UC/Telephony consulting services please click here or contact us to speak to one of our consultants about your project.

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Network technology is changing at it's fastest rate in a decade, from point to point and MPLS over the last 10 years to now SD-WAN and Hybrid Networks.  Getting the network procurement right has never been more important.


I.T. is moving to the Cloud either completely or as a hybrid approach, this means that connectivity needs are changing and security and never been more important. 


At Soniza we have the processes and experience to draw out requirements and turn this into a specification and procurement document. We not only understand the technology, how it fits together and what the benefits are but also how to procure it, cost-effectively and ensuring the business demands are met.


We work with our clients in reviewing the best options in the market based on criteria defined by you and guided by our experience.


For more information on our Network consultancy services please click here or contact us to discuss your project.

Mobiles are now often the device of choice for many employees, the desk phone has largely become redundant in these cases.  This means that your mobile service has become increasingly important. Businesses must ensure they have the right contract to facilitate requirements while keeping costs low. This is paramount to a successful mobile procurement.

At Soniza we understand the importance of mobile telephony and have run procurements which have saved our clients millions of pounds over the lifetime of their contracts.  By understanding the market and how suppliers operate we can ensure a robust process and an independent review of proposals enabling our clients to take advantage of the best rates with the right contract terms to support the business.


For more information on our mobile consulting services please click here or contact us to start your project.

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