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Telecommunications Strategy

Get It Right, First Time.

An effective telecommunications strategy can revolutionise your business, helping achieve your corporate objectives, increase efficiency across the organisation and provide the foresight to meet changing demands.

Telecom Strategy Consulting

Whether you're looking to save costs, replace an existing solution or implement new technology, getting the strategy right allows you to map the process and evaluate different approaches effectively. 


At Soniza we not only understand technology but we also understand business.  We pride ourselves on going the extra mile for our clients, taking into account all influences both inside and outside the organisation.


Soniza provides our client with the confidence of working with a partner that has experience, a comprehensive understanding of what makes a good strategy and provides practical, impartial, independent advice.

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Getting your Contact Centre Strategy right can be the difference between winning and losing in any market.  The Contact Centre is where customers go to, be served, get information, report faults, complain and most importantly, often, to make an order or reorder.  Making these processes easy for the customer and easy for the business is the Contact Centre Strategy.


Why not proactively inform the customer of the information they are looking for before they contact you? Why not offer channels to your customers that don't require more staffing resource but still meet the customer demand? Why not remove the friction from ordering to make the process easy for customers?  These are all questions to review when creating an informed and outcome focused strategy.


At Soniza we have helped many clients realise their goals based on real-world experience. We understand the market and through working with our clients understand the demands of the modern customer experience.


For more information on our contact centre consulting services click on the button below or contact us to discuss your project.

Unified Communications (UC) is often a mix of technologies, and different products and manufacturers define it differently.  Defining what is required by the business, matching this to what is available in the market and clearly stating what the benefits to the business will be is what is produced as part of our UC Strategy 


By selecting to work with Soniza you will have an informed, well thought out and reasoned UC strategy   We pull upon our experience and knowledge and work with our clients to form a strategy that facilitates your business goals, working within your budget.


Our Consultants have created strategies for companies of all sizes and by knowing the products and suppliers in the market we are confident in our ability to assist you at whatever stage you are.


For more information on how we can support you with your UC / Telephony strategy, please contact us here, or click on the button below to go to our UC page.

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The Wide Area Network (WAN) is likely to be one of the highest annual costs on any telecoms budget, it is paramount to securing the business from outside threats and fundamental to enabling staff to do their jobs.


However, business requirements, market conditions, costs, technology, service locations, suppliers and emotions towards the Cloud are all changing.  Businesses are moving to Cloud services in droves and now the network needs to catch up.


Soniza not only look at the services you have today and how to support them but where you want to get to over the next 5+ years, how will the business change and what strategy is right for you? 


Our consultants work with our clients to ensure that not only are the technical requirements catered for but also the business requirements.  Our strategies are outcome based meaning that they are pragmatic and based on real-world experience. A strategy will provide the road-map to agile networking, better security, performance improvements and provide a detailed budget. 


At Soniza we like to think differently and ensure our clients' strategies meet the ever-changing needs of the business. We make sure that the benefits, risks, and costs are all laid out and easy to understand, with clear and concise recommendations.

A good mobile strategy provides flexibility for staff, improved functionality, reduces costs substantially and increases transparency for users and management.


At Soniza our mobile strategy includes:

  • Mobile Audit - Review of all connections, ensuring they are in use and on the correct tariff.

  • Mobile Benchmark - Commercial review of costs against market rates to see what the likely cost savings may be if you decide to run a procurement.

  • New Initiatives - To map any new initiatives such as BYOD or infrastructure reductions.

  • Coverage Maps - To map coverage against user footprint

  • OS Review - Compare and contrast different operating systems

  • Budget - Provide a comprehensive budget for all services enabling a true total cost of ownership to be understood


For more information on how we can support you with your Mobile strategy please contact us or for more information click on the button below. 

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