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Case Study: CX Strategy


Citizens Advice have over 2,500 sites, 21,000 volunteers and 8.700 staff, making it one of the largest Charities in the UK, helping over 2.4 million people each year.

The Client

Kayanee is a well-being business focused on serving initially the women of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) but are expanding globally.

The brand features

  • Fitness

  • Apparel

  • healthy eating

  • Learning

  • Nutrition

  • Personal care

  • Treatment. 

Kayanee has created the ultimate destination where purpose meets performance, inspiring and enabling the balanced fitness of women. With six curated offers - Move, Wear, Restore, Thrive, Nourish, and Learn - all available under one roof in our flagship store, they offer a first-of-its-kind collective experience. They help women find the sweet spot between what the mind wants and the body needs.

Leggings on the Rack
Woman with Headscarf

The Chellenge

Kayanee has been created using the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund which consist of over $600m to develop Crown funded initiatives. 

Kayanee as a start-up had limited knowledge of customer service as a function and the focus initially was on the store opening, product designs and marketing.  They therefore needed expertise on all things CX.

The brief was to create a target operating model (TOM) which would evolve over time as the brand grows.  This should include all people, processes and technology, training, equipment, working practices and key metrics.

The Project

The project lasted for four months; we ran a significant number of workshops with all areas of the business.  We had to understand the company culture, products, and service descriptions in detail to document and deliver what was needed.


As an evolving company, our approach had to be agile and change as new product lines would come onboard, staff came and left, and the company got closer to launch.


We created a continuous improvement training programme and delivered it for the contact centre manager, supervisors, team leaders and advisors. 


We created standard business processes for over 90 CX queries, including how to manage different elements of their CX, managing fulfilment (delivery), e-commerce, in-store experience, aftersales,  and sales environments.

Fashion retailer

The Outcome

People Walking

Citizens Advice were able to benefit from Soniza’s experience to ensure a target operating model which included:

  • Customer Experience Strategy – A strategy which covered, resource, technology, continuous improvement over the following 3 years of company expansion.

  • Execution Plan – A model of how to deliver on the strategic objectives of CX.

  • Management Structure and Staffing – This included Job descriptions, role and responsibilities, continuous improvement, training strategy, scripts, and Interviews etc.

  • Development of Business Processes – This covered everything from managing aftersales service to using technology and how to complete an employee performance review.

  • Technology and Software – This reviewed several market leading CRM and Contact Centre solutions to find the best fit solution for day 1 and then for the companies evolution.

  • Communications Standards – Working with Kayanee we helped create the voice of the business, set the tone for communication standards and write the scripts for Advisors, etc.

  • Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) – We created a KPI strategy, what are the key indicators to review on day 1, month 1, month 3, 9, 12 and then ongoing.

  • Ways of Working – This included working patterns, technology (hardware) in use, office equipment, layout, etc.

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