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Case Study: Contact Centre Strategy and Optimisation

Anchor Housing

WNC have responsibilities for Planning and Building Control, Council Tax, Waste and Recycling, Schools and Education, Adult Social Services, Housing, Benefits, Community Safety, Health and Leisure, etc.

The Client

Anchor are the largest provider of specialist housing & care for older people in England.


The organisation has an established Customer Centre in Bradford, which manages all centralised telephone and electronic contact into the organisation, including emails and web-generated enquiries.


The Customer Centre also contains the 24 hr On-Call service which is responsible for responding to calls received by residents activating their emergency alarms in their homes.

Business People at a Lobby

The Chellenge

Apartment Building

Anchor identified the need to review their current operations with the objective of improving customer service through a measured approach but specifically relating to:

  • The Customer Experience

  • Customer Centric Strategy

  • The Management Structure / Resource Allocation

  • Process and Working Practices

  • Effectiveness and Return on Investment

  • Technology


By focusing on these areas Soniza were able to provide Anchor with a 360-degree review of the service and have a clear all-encompassing strategy to address the current and future requirements of the business.

The Project

The project consisted of the following:

  • Document Department Responsibilities – To have a comprehensive account of responsibilities within the customer service department.  This includes which team are responsible for which function and how that function is currently serviced.

  • Understand the Customer Journey – To understand how a customer is processed through the service centre based on their requirement.  For example, how do they contact, which departments are involved, how is their enquiry processed, what is the time taken, what is the outcome of the interaction. 

  • Performance Analysis – To understand if the current data/performance analysis is accurate, relevant or if there are better metrics which should be used to drive service improvements.

  • GAP Analysis – To understand where the complexities in the service are and the difference between the ‘as-is’ state and the strategic vision of the customer service strategy.

  • Service Improvement Strategy – To have a strategy which identifies the challenges, provides options for service improvements, and includes a methodology of implementation for continuous improvement within the customer service centre.

Jogging by the River

The Solution

Modern Housing Complex

Soniza created a strategy which provided the fundamental framework of what ‘great’ looks like.  Tactical quick wins to improve service with minimal investment and a wider long-term strategy which detailed:

  • Overall structure and architecture

  • Business Process Recommendations

  • Target operating model

  • Capacity Management

  • Defined service levels by channel

  • Resource/Staffing strategy

  • Channel strategy

  • Self-Service strategy

  • Technology recommendations

  • Recommendations to personalise the service

  • Automation recommendations to improve efficiency

  • A full budget for all recommendations

  • Return on investment

  • Effectiveness of strategy

  • Prioritisation of recommendations

  • Impact analysis

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