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The Cloud Security Market

Why is Cloud security increasing in popularity?

Cloud security is similar in principle to traditional ‘on-premise’ network security. It encompasses similar protection categories including; data loss prevention (DLP), intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDS/IPS), identity/access management (IAM) and email security.

The push to Cloud security is being driven by changing conditions in how services are being delivered to business and how businesses are changing working conditions, specifically:

  • Cloud Infrastructure: Businesses are moving I.T. infrastructure to the Cloud, and out of their traditional protective domain.

  • Agile Working: Staff no longer only work in the office and expect services to be delivered wherever they are located securely and without degradation to service.

Couple these issues with increasing regulation and ever more sophisticated security threats and enabling a Cloud security platform is perhaps an obvious solution. Indeed, many organisations are taking security a step further and implementing ‘Security as a Service’ (SECaaS), completely removing the security management from the business operation.

Market Summary

Through the rapid adoption of Software as a Service, the Cloud security market is growing rapidly. Suppliers can range from offering a single Cloud security application through to a complete security solution encompassing Next-Gen Firewalls, Sandbox, Advanced Threat Protection, Secure Web Gateways, DDoS, URL Filtering, SSL inspection…

The list of suppliers is large and growing and there are differences in capabilities and functionality. Global companies such as Cisco, Zscaler, Syamantec, Barracuda and McAfee all provide solutions and are based on different but granular licencing models.

If customers are to investigate migrating to a Cloud security platform, we would always recommend a market test is completed in order to identify the right product for the business.

For more information about the Cloud security market, please feel free to contact us for more information.

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