Independent Telecommunications

and IT Consultants

Innovative, Pragmatic, Experienced and Cost Effective

Innovative, Pragmatic, Experienced and Cost Effective

Complex issues, simple solutions.

Soniza is one of the leading IT & Telecommunications Consultancies in the UK. Our consultants have for 20 years provided valued, expert advice and guidance to our clients across all areas of telecoms and associated fields and our clients are some of the most recognised brands both in the UK and globally.

Soniza's telecom consultants align technology to meet business challenges and strategic business goals.  We work with our clients to find solutions, enabling new ways of working, driving efficiencies in process and cost, and facilitating change for the better. 
Our unique approach and passion towards our industry provide our customers with truly independent advice, comprehensive analysis, and pragmatic solutions. 

"What differentiates us from the competition is not just our experience, competence, skill and ability, everybody has that or we wouldn't be in business, but our true 360-degree approach to client projects. We don't just focus on the technology, we consider the wider business environment, social issues, user experience, resource, customer demand, business strategy, market direction and of course what the real cost of change is, taking into account all the factors.

The benefits are compelling simple, we save our clients time and money by producing pragmatic outcomes which can be achieved in a realistic timeframe and to a realistic budget"

Sam Mathie


Don't take our word for it, listen to our customers.

Of course, we're going to say that we're great, but how can you really tell.  We've created a database of case studies, client comments and success stories which help show our continued commitment to our clients and our professional approach to the success of each and every project.


Our promise to our customers is to offer a true partnership. To our customers, we are an expert to rely on, an independent voice and strategic advisor ensuring the business interests always come first. 

Independent, Pragmatic, Collabrotive 

Soniza’s aim is to become a trusted partner of our clients, expert in our field and practical with our advice. We pride ourselves on our core values:


  • Independence – We are a truly independent consultancy with no preferred suppliers, products or solutions.

  • Professionalism – We conduct our business professionally, ensuring our code of conduct is adhered to at all times.

  • Experience – Our consultants have been working in telecommunications since 2003 and cover sectors as diverse as national construction firms and global legal clients to social housing associations and International publishing and media.

  • Pragmatism – Our advice and recommendations are based on real-world experience, not theoretical benefits but tangible advantages. 


Our expertise in helping clients define their telecommunications strategy, procuring solutions and our range of cost-saving initiatives allows us to prove our ability and gain trust for long-term partnerships to form.