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Independent Telecommunications and CX Consultants

Achieve the Art of the Possible.


Soniza is a leading Telecoms and Customer Service Consulting firm, focusing on helping our client achieve digital transformation and customer service excellence. Our consultants have for 20 years provided valued, expert advice and guidance to our clients across all areas of telecoms and customer service, and our clients are some of the most recognised brands both in the world.

Our expert telecom consultants align technology to meet business challenges and strategic business goals.  We work with our clients to find solutions, enabling new ways of working, driving efficiencies in process and cost, and facilitating change for the better. 

Our unique approach and passion towards our industry provide our customers with truly independent advice, comprehensive analysis, and pragmatic solutions. 

Create the service you want trough our tried and tested operating models customised to each individual need.

Telecom Consultants
Telecom consulting services

Speak to one of our experts about how the landscape is changing and what you can do to keep up with threats vs managing a remote workforce. 

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