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Should business calls cross the Internet

Many companies are now selling Internet calls as part of a solution for businesses. Companies selling this claim that voice quality is 'as good' or 'even better' than traditional methods.

There are however a few things to bear in mind before taking this leap.

First things first, the internet does not support Quality of Service. Therefore you can not guarantee quality when sending a voice packet over the Internet.

There are emerging codecs which state that they allow for this latency and therefore call quality is not compromised, but be cautious about these claims.

The speed at which is Internet operates has many dependencies and just because it worked in tests on a Sunday afternoon, doesn't mean you get the same service as a Monday morning when 5,000 customers are trying to get through and everyone across the country logs onto their computer at work to download the emails from the weekend and check Facebook.

The second point is user experience, while I.T. and services may not mind a bit of jitter on the line or to have to reconnect when the call drops, wider staff won't tolerate this, and they shouldn't either.

Then there are customers. We all know how hard it is getting them in the first place, applying sub standard call quality may push them onto your competitors.

So while the claims to move your calls to the Internet will save £££. Understand the risks, get independent advice and test, test, test it thoroughly with a worst case scenario.

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