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Proactive customer engagement

The cost of existing customer engagement is high for most organisations. To have a contact centre is expensive. So what’s the best way to cut down on mundane customer interactions.

Proactive Engagement!

Don't wait for your customers to contact you, contact them before they even know they have a requirement.

As an example, take the airline industry. Airlines will remind customers of their trip two weeks before they leave, then again a week before they go away and then again the day before they travel. This has two purposes, 1. To try and sell customers additional services, 2. To try and make sure they don't turn up at the airport not having completed all the formalities which they can do yourself on-line beforehand.

Technology allows customers to check in on-line, allocate their seats, choose what meal they want, look at the films they want to watch, book a taxi to the airport, organise travel at their destination, book a hotel, to name just a few options from their proactive engagement.

This is all great customer engagement but many airlines are also missing a trick. What if customers were also able to provide feedback in real-time on individuals, while they are checking in, while they are in the lounge, while they are in the air and when they've left the airport. Often the consumers choice is to give feedback via social media but this is a dangerous medium to get feedback from.

The point here is that by proactivly providing customers with an outlet for feedback will provide a better service for customers, reduce your overheads of feedback management and provide a better essential data with which to improve your service.

For more information about proactive customer engagement, please contact Soniza.

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