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5 Tips when creating your Customer Service Strategy

We have created the following tips to ensure you get a great customer service strategy:

  1. Define The Problem - Be Specific. It is critical to know where your north star is when creating a customer service strategy.

  2. Create the Team – Don’t try and do it alone. Create a team, give members roles and responsibilities and then let them get on and do the work.

  3. Brainstorm a lot – 3 heads are better than 2, 4 heads are better than 3 and so on. Be open, every idea is a good idea until proven otherwise and just a note, we’ve seen some of the best ideas come from the lowest paid, newest recruits. Great ideas can come from anywhere.

  4. Communication - Get buy-in at all levels. Strategy Implementation only works if you take colleagues on a journey. Why are you doing it and what are the benefits to them. Be clear!

  5. Be fluid – Things change, a lot, be fluid, try different ideas, measure their success and failure, customer service doesn’t have a timeline and so customer service optimisation shouldn’t either.

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