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Is Unified Communications becoming a commodity

With Unified Communications (UC) now the norm for a new telephony deployments, does it really matter which one I choose?

There are the main contenders, Microsoft, Cisco, Mitel. These products have subtle differences and are leading the market but what if you don't want or have no reason to align yourself with these players.

There are many other options and almost all modern systems come with a form of UC, but be warmed UC means different things to different people and the products on offer provide a vastly different set of features in some cases. Some of the smaller players see UC as a presences and instant messaging engine while the main stream manufacturers would argue that this is a very basic form of UC and their platforms can provide vastly more than this.

So although many products provide 'UC' you need to understand what the market can provide, what your requirements are and what you want to integrate your UC platform with.

For more information on how we can help you with your UC strategy please contact Soniza now.

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