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Making the most of the next 3 months before lockdown v2.0

If the media are to be believed, we are heading into a second lockdown, it may not be quite yet but it sounds like it’s coming and by all accounts, October/November will be the furthest away we can hope for.

Many companies still getting to grips with the last lockdown, shifting the workforce to agile working etc. but now they're being asked to plan for the next one, whatever it looks like.

COVID19 hit the UK in March 2020 and businesses were forced to make many tactical decisions in order to get their workforce up and running as quickly as possible, this meant buying thousands of laptops and mobiles, buying analogue phones for people to plug in at home and quickly ramping up remote and virtual desktop environment in order to try and keep some control and security over the situation. Lines and DDI’s were diverted, management quickly adapted and those lucky enough not to be furloughed tried to carry on as best they could.

We’re now in a state of flux, some staff are working from the office at a ‘social distance’, some continue to work from home and some are still in furlough. The government are easing lockdown but it’s a 50/50 chance that another lockdown returns later this year.

This means that companies have a brief opportunity to create and implement a strategic working environment for staff, as opposed to the many tactical decisions that needed to be put in place 6 months prior.

In relation to telecoms, this means putting solutions in place which can scale as demand increases/decreases, provide UC functionality to improve communication, can work from anywhere and potentially provide a contact centre function for the most important part of many businesses, customer service.

Soniza are offering a free review of clients current telephony platforms which will provide businesses with either the confidence in their current solution or a step by step plan in order to get the right solution in place before October this year. Contact us for more information at for more details.

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