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How Can A Telecommunications Consulting Company Save Money?

Businesses often need to assess their budgets to find ways to reduce spending. However, it is generally accepted that a significant part of the budget will be spent on telecommunications, so it can be difficult to see how to cut costs in this area. Here’s how a telecommunications consulting company can help by identifying where you are overspending and finding the right solution to save you money.

Audit of Services

The first port of call for a telecommunications consulting company is to carry out an audit of services. This process involves collecting data regarding the utilisation of all telecommunications within the company, including WAN and LAN, mobile phones and landlines, then analysing this information to evaluate whether you are spending money on services unnecessarily. You can then save money by removing the services that you are paying for but are no longer using.


Once a telecommunications consulting company has established exactly how you are spending your money, they can then compare your costs to the current market rate tariffs. By carrying out a benchmarking exercise, consultants can show you if you are receiving a service that provides good value for money, or if you are spending far more than you need to on the services that you are using. Once you know how your spending compares to the current market rates, this puts you in a better position to identify the changes that can be made to save you money.

Procurement of new services

Introducing new services to a business means finding a service that can provide you with the right features at the best possible price. However, many business managers find that they don’t always have the time to hunt down the most cost-effective deal. A telecommunications consultancy company can take the hassle out of this process by finding the best deals on new services for you.

Telephony contract negotiation

It may be tempting to sign up for a contract at the price that is quoted by the service provider to save time and get the service up and running as soon as possible. However, the best way to save money is to negotiate on the price before signing the deal. A telecommunications consultancy company can negotiate with new providers on your behalf to ensure you pay the best price, or even renegotiate contracts that are already in place with existing suppliers.

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