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Why Use "Independent Telecommunications Consultants?"

How we define an Independent Telecoms Consultant plays a vital role in underlining their importance. Today’s telecommunications marketplace has grown into a colossal industry and one that is hugely complex. A major challenge for most businesses is understanding the continuous innovation requirements of emerging technologies within that marketplace and how to align telecoms accordingly.

The true definition of an Independent Telecommunications Consultant, is someone that is hired by a customer to find them the best possible solution available for their business, working within the businesses constraints, such as: budget, company culture, business strategy... A telecoms consultant has a truly independent outlook, and their clients' vested interests at heart, comprehending the true nature of their business needs.

According to the Society of Communications Technology Consultants International, "No member shall accept fees, commissions, or any other valuable consideration in connection with those services from anyone other than the client."

Independent Telecommunications Consultants tailor solutions for maximum efficiency without taking a ‘cut’ for the services that they recommend. The latest survey carried out by [1]MCA (The Management Consultancies Association) shows a 3.2% hike in the number of Telecommunications Consultants operating in the UK. However, buyer beware! Arguably not all consultants can be considered truly independent, particularly those tied to operators who profit from touting their services irrespective of the right business solution.

So in answer to our question, Why Use Independent Telecommunications Consultants? The answer is simple:

Pragmatic Market Knowledge and Unbiased Expertise – Independent Telecoms Consultants tap into a wealth of long-standing industry knowledge and experience gained over many years across multiple technologies, suppliers, manufacturers and client industries. Paramount to their success, consultants are strategists, keeping a beady eye on the ever evolving, rapidly improving technology. Utilising this experience, they know what's important to a business and how the technology works in the ‘real world’ as opposed to the ‘slick marketing spin’ churned out by many operators.

Speed and Efficiency – The whole process of deployment cannot be run without using strategic sourcing and procurement. As specialists in the field with years of experience, Consultants have the resources to analyse the market, the framework to efficiently advise and run audits, strategies, and procurements and the knowledge that saves time and cost during analysis and evaluation.

Market Data Insights – Independent Telecommunications Consultants are industry experts using time tested best practices and processes. Market data accumulated over the years and valuable insights gained from prior projects inform cost models and product based knowledge.

Cost Savings and ROI - Organisations that try to do all their telecoms projects in-house themselves have much higher research, development, and implementation time, all of which leads to increased costs and can severely impact the business. Quality Consultants will have the resources and tools to start new projects straight away for most clients - saving invaluable time and money.

In summary, an Independent Telecommunications Consultants can provide peace of mind for a client, a broader knowledge of the market and industry, and practical, informed expertise to get clients to the solution which best matched to their needs.

[1] MCA UK Consulting Industry Statistics 2016 -

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