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How to reduce mobile costs

Reducing mobile costs

Reducing mobile costs has for years gone in cycles. Staff are issued with mobiles, an initiative is put in place to reduce costs and then technology or functionality is released into the market which drives costs back up.

There are however a few ways to bear in mind to keep costs under control.

Network Providers - The network providers are very slowly starting to provide some proactive cost control measures. This has however been long over due and still has a long way to go but their online portals now have some tools to help.

MDM - An MDM solution can reduce costs significantly but is an additional cost on top of the network subscription charge. It also needs proactive management in most cases and maintenance updates each time a new software release is put onto the market by Apple or Samsung etc.

Outsourced Service Provider - It is more and more common to use a management company who proactively manage costs, make recommendations to reduce costs and can in some cases cover clients with insurance against high costs.

Unfortunately to reduce costs is still largely an area of telecoms that needs to be managed rather than automatically happens. For more information on saving costs on your mobiles please contact Soniza.

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