Create a business case, negotiate a contract, Start with a benchmark.


Know the market rate for all your services, budget for savings or renegotiate with an incumbent supplier.

Benchmarking is a great way to quickly identify if you're paying over the odds for services.  By comparing both subscriptions (monthly recurring) cost and dynamic cost (usage costs) you will be able to identify where savings can be achieved in the shortest possible timeframe.


As telecoms budgets are constantly being squeezed, benchmarking allows the foundation of a business case to be drawn up or provides the evidence to negotiate with suppliers.


At Soniza we are constantly running procurement exercises and so we have the data to quickly understand what you should be paying.  Clients regularly see savings up to 40% on their existing costs.


Expertise, Experience and Resource


We pride ourselves on being ahead of the market, knowing where technology works and where it doesn't. At Soniza we are constantly running procurements and so we know what the market rates are for clients of all sizes and industries. We've helped our clients save millions of pounds again and again from our processes and procedures.


Soniza's clients include: Penguin Random House, DAC Beachcroft, RPC, Hyde Housing, The IET, The Illuminated River Foundation, Bestways, Taylor Wimpey, The Economist, Shelter, Morgan Sindall, Keepmoat, Diabetes UK and many more... 


Soniza's team of lead consultants, support consultants, data analysts and project managers guarantee that the right skills are deployed at the right time to maximise investment, keep costs low and ensure the right resource is available throughout the lifetime of a project.

Benchmark Technology Expertise

Soniza can offer our cost-saving service across most technology areas, most notably?:

  • Mobile Communications

  • Wide Area Networks

  • Voice Conferencing

  • Video Conferencing

  • Landlines

  • Managed Services

  • Maintenance Contracts

  • Hosting

  • Data Centres

  • Hardware

Our approach is to not only achieve substantial one-off savings but to continue to save our clients throughout the lifetime of the contract through continuous improvement.