Teams Consultants

Choose the right Teams Consultant, choose Soniza.

We help clients adopt the right strategy and ensure the right architecture is deployed for a successful project.


Pragmatic, Experienced and Independent 

Teams offers a new way of working and a new interface for staff and colleagues.  It's a powerful tool and one that needs careful thought and planning before being deployed. We have therefore created a bespoke service just for Teams.  This includes:

Teams Strategy - Discovery, Design and Architecture

Teams Procurement - Planning and Readiness Testing

Teams Implementation Management - Training and Deployment

Teams Success - Accelerate the benefits of Teams, again and again  

Our consultants understand where the benefit of Teams and where it works in the real world.  Our wider knowledge of the telecoms market has allowed us to help clients get a pragmatic view of Teams while establishing real business benefits.


Teams Strategy

 Discovery, Design and Architecture

There are several key factors that should be addressed in order to get the right strategy for Teams, these can be grouped into five categories:






Teams is very modular and therefore can be as complex or as simple as you want to make it but getting your strategy right to meet the business demands is key to ensure the project is successful. Shifting attitudes towards working practices means that being up to speed with the latest information and market knowledge is essential.

Selecting the right Teams consultant and working with a business that you can trust and has real-world client success with Teams is critical.  Why not contact us now to speak to one of our specialists and start your project on the right foot?

Teams Procurement

 Planning and Readiness Testing

Selecting the right Teams partner is difficult. Teams is in telecoms terms, a new product. It's delivered in a new way, it's eco-system isn't mature yet and there are very few partners out there who have deployed more than a handful of solutions.

By working with Soniza we will help you:

  • Identify functional, strategic and operational requirements

  • Develop a technical and procedural procurement document (RFP/ITT)

  • Help identify suitable suppliers

  • Manage the procurement process

  • Evaluate supplier solutions

  • Negotiate the best possible support agreement and cost

You can now look to make the business ready for the change.  Teams isn't changing out a phone on the desk for another as in generations of the past, this is a new experience for every user and we know this can be a challenge to manage.

We can help manage the supplier through the proof of concept, training and ultimately success.

Contact us now for a free consultation or click on the button below to learn more about our procurement process.

Teams Implementation Management

Training and Deployment

A project is much more likely to succeed if the project has 'buy-in' at all levels of the business.  Our project management methodology in delivering such projects ensures that all stakeholders are kept engaged. 
Our projects are run by your Teams Consultant, and therefore they have both the procedural knowledge of a project manager and the technical knowledge required for success.
We can provide two different types of project management.  They are:
Programme Management - This takes a high-level view of the project, ensures that budgets are kept to and the supplier is delivering.
Implementation Management - This is a much more hands-on approach and provides day to day operations management to ensure everyone is delivering.
Both methodologies are fully auditable and follow strict guidelines of best practice with experience and pragmatism when it comes to getting the job done.  

Teams Success

Once Teams in deployed and clients are happy that the basics are working correctly, we can help achieve added success to the project. Teams is a powerful tool that can make the business more efficient and harnessing these tools is where the real value lies in Teams.

We can advise on better processes, better applications and better management.  We can help achieve efficient working practices, new initiatives and better integration.


As a wider consultancy than just Teams we can also advise on other auxiliary services such as contact centre or cost savings, mobiles or network.

For more information on these services, click the link or contact us to discuss how we can help.