By knowing what you have, where it is and how much it costs, you can save money, reduce management overhead and simplify your technology footprint. 


Save thousands with our comprehensive approach to print solutions.

Working with our partners, we offer vendor independent advice on the latest print hardware and software technology and solutions. 


Our approach is consultative, understanding our client’s business drivers and important operational objectives.  We engage with suppliers to design a solution that will successfully deliver measurable and sustainable improvements to the organisation. 


The first step to developing a cost-effective and efficient solution is to complete a strategy and audit of your existing estate.


Our Print and Document Output Assessment aims to improve the profitability of your organisation by providing you with a full understanding of what document producing devices are in use and an insight into the volume and costs.


For more information on how we can help you save thousands, contact us now. 


Focus, Engage, and Sustainable Printing


When we engage with a client our first objective is to understand the document culture of the organisation and the main drivers for change. We further explore the current document processes and analyse how those documents are produced, distributed and stored.


We focus on the business-critical issues that will deliver actual process improvement and solve real issues. Our Managed Document Services provide measurable benefits aligned to our client objectives, such as efficiency gains, cost reduction, enhanced security and process improvement.


Essential to the long-term sustainability of our Managed Document Service is continuous development through active management. We are motivated by implementing solutions that are demonstrably successful to our clients, not only meeting their requirements for the now but also for the future

Solution Benefits

We have identified the following benefits again and again through our comprehensive processes. 


IT Improvements

  • Number of print devices are reduced, and expensive printing is migrated to lower cost multi-function devices

  • Remote management results in a more reliable asset base with guaranteed uptime of more than 98%

  • Substantial reduction in print-related calls to your IT Help Desk

  • Increased resources available for core business issues – Information Week found 15% of IT time was spent on print-related issues and running costs 


Business Improvements

  • Up to 30% direct costs saving in first year, mostly due to rightsizing equipment

  • Greener fleet and carbon footprint reduced by almost 40%

  • Risk of document theft reduced substantially

  • Reduced hidden costs and time by wasted by employees performing print-related tasks such as checking toners and phoning help desks