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How A Mobile Audit Can Benefit Your Business

In today’s fast paced world, mobile phones are a vital part of any company. Businesses need to be able to communicate quickly and efficiently around the clock, so telecommunications, and mobile phones often consume a large part of any budget. As each new development promises to make our businesses more streamlined than ever before, we end up spending huge amounts to keep up with the latest technology.

However, with all these changes and upgrades, many people don’t realise that they are spending their budget on services that they are no longer using. This is where a mobile audit can benefit your business.

How does a mobile audit work?

A mobile audit is an analysis of a mobile estate to identify areas where services that are being paid for are no longer used, or where savings can be made on the services that are utilised. Data is collected on all mobile information within the company, including services, tariffs and handsets that are costing your business money. Once this information has been analysed, actions are taken to make the mobile estate more efficient. This can include creating an accurate inventory of devices, removing the devices and services that are no longer in use, and switching to more cost-effective services and tariffs where existing services are no longer providing value for money.

What are the advantages of mobile audits?

It is accepted that spending money on necessary expenses, like mobile phones for your staff, is an inevitable part of business. However, paying money for services that aren’t being used can be a costly mistake. It means that a larger proportion of your budget is used up unnecessarily, when it could be better utilised elsewhere. A mobile audit identifies these areas of overspending, and provides more cost-effective solutions so that your business can save money.

The cost of a mobile contract can include the cost of paying for the device. In some cases, the cost of these devices is worthwhile because of the wide variety of functions they provide that make conducting business easier. However, it is easy to lose track of just how many devices your company is spending its budget on. A mobile audit will examine your contracts, remove the devices you are paying for but are no longer using, and give you an accurate inventory of the all devices that are being utilised by the company.

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