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Keepmoat is a fast growing top 10 housing and construction company.  They design, build, refurbish and regenerate places to improve economic and social outcomes for people.  Keepmoat employ 3,600 staff and are headquartered in Doncaster.


Keepmoat operate across 14 regional offices and 400 construction sites.  Their primary market is the first-time buyer market and have to date constructed more than 30,000 new homes.

The Challenge

Keepmoat’s growth through acquisition and merger meant that the Telecoms (WAN, LAN, WLAN, Telephony, Mobiles, Data Centres and Landlines) infrastructure was supported by 13 different companies. 


Responsibility for contracts and cost management were spread across the organisation and there was no structure for change management. The network and telephony were based on legacy outdated systems, service levels were largely unknown, and management of the solutions was part in-house and part outsourced managed service.


These issues meant that faults were difficult to identify and manage, true costs for services were unknown, service to end users was poor and supplier response times were slow.  All of this meant that the business was not getting the service required to optimize business operations.

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The Solution

Soniza were commissioned to complete an audit and benchmark exercise across all telecom’s services, identifying immediate, medium and long-term opportunities to reduce the footprint of the estate, bring the infrastructure up to market standard and reduce cost.


Soniza worked with Keepmoat and their incumbent suppliers to identify the current infrastructure and costs.  Soniza then audited and reviewed the solutions to judge if they met with the business requirements.


Soniza worked with Keepmoat’s management identifying options and creating a strategy / business case to implement the changes identified to address the risks of the infrastructure, reduce costs and contract with a reduced number of suppliers.

The recommended approach included upgrading several hundred LAN/WLAN switches and AP’s. Soniza also managed the procurement of; the wide area network, mobile telephony, service desk, and data centres.  Soniza ran scoping workshops and created a detailed Request for Proposal (RFP) document, detailing technical, functional and service requirements.


Soniza managed the procurement process answering technical questions from suppliers and facilitating ‘open days’ for each supplier to meet with the client and get a more comprehensive understanding of what was trying to be achieved.

The Outcome

The outcome of the project meant that through the work Soniza completed, Keepmoat were able to reduce the footprint of the estate (audit), upgrade their LAN/WLAN, procure new services and negotiation better service levels. Keepmoat refreshed their WAN and Mobile estate while achieving a 35% saving when compared to legacy costs.


The suppliers Keepmoat selected to work with are able to provide transparency where there was none before, provide support in remote locations which is essential for their business and offer a managed approach which has reduced the need for self-management substantially.


Soniza created a full inventory including a cost assessment of the current infrastructure, software levels and services.



Savings of over 35% were identified via a comprehensive audit, strategy and procurement process.



Soniza created a 5-year strategic plan (including refresh cycles and ongoing savings throughout the lifetime of the contract) with supporting business case aligning the communication infrastructure to the Keepmoat organisation. 




Soniza helped implement KPI’s across multiple services and multiple suppliers ensuring

The Results

Construction Manager

“Without Soniza we would have struggled to find the resource and skills to make these sorts of savings.  The project delivered more than expected and we’re already engaging them on future projects”


William Carradine