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Hyde Group is a registered social landlord and a member of the G15. Hyde operates across London, the South East, and the East Midlands.


Hyde were established in 1967 to help people excluded from the mainstream housing market by providing them with decent, affordable homes and managing them properly.


Hyde’s core aim is to provide housing for those people who are unable to meet their needs on the open market.


Hyde have c.50,000 properties, 95,000 customers, 1,200 employees, and annual turnover of over £240m.


Hyde have 15 regional offices, 70 remote locations and a multi-site 200-seat contact Centre.

The Challenge

Hyde’s telecoms infrastructure was complex due to the rapid growth of the business and the nature of housing schemes and building works. Historically infrastructure was procured but not proactively managed leaving uncertainty and a lack of confidence in Hyde’s suppliers.


Although the infrastructure was provided by a single supplier, the documentation was sporadic, and accountability was unclear. Much of the solution was based on legacy infrastructure which was at maximum capacity and no longer supported. Hyde had several system outages causing telecoms infrastructure to become high profile within the business, and causing frustration for tenants


Additionally, due to the lack of transparency in reporting and asset management from the supplier, costs were largely unmanaged, and bills were being paid if they were a similar cost to the previous invoice.

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The Solution

Soniza completed a complete review of telecoms spend, including;

  • WAN

  • LAN

  • Landlines

  • Mobiles

  • Maintenance Contracts

The audit included an extensive asset and infrastructure identification process whereby each line item on the invoice was identified, scrutinized and allocated to the correct department.  This included not only the subscription cost of services but also the usage costs which were compared to the contracted rates.

Once an accurate and comprehensive inventory of services could be identified, Soniza completed a benchmark of all services against that of current market rates. 

From the audit and benchmarking exercises Soniza created a telecoms savings strategy which included procurement for mobile and landline services and a contract negotiation for LAN and WAN (including internet and network security).

The Outcome

Hyde achieved the primary project goal which was to reduce costs and rationalize their infrastructure footprint. 



The saving achieved amounted to 35% of total spend which,  equating to over £500k per annum.


Hyde now have an up to date inventory of services, making support more efficient and management much more effective.



Hyde as a business now not only benefit from market-rate commercials but have implemented a contract which is flexible to meet their changing business needs and service levels which are based on real-world support.






Through Soniza’s work, we reduced operational spend by 35%, equating to £500k per annum.


 Hyde has a complete up to date inventory of all services and costs.


Hyde has a robust commercial model with forward-thinking and agile partners, which helps provide the flexibility required by the business.


Hyde has a new Supplier who are excited and focused on client delivery

The Results

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“Hyde were looking for a truly independent and knowledgeable company to advise on a number of telephony/UC initiatives – and found that in Soniza. Very quickly, through thorough and comprehensive consultancy services supplied, Soniza established themselves as a credible technology partner to Hyde and the insights provided have proved very valuable in terms of shaping and driving the Hyde UC and Contact Centre strategy.”


Rob Ferrari, Head of IT Infrastructure, Hyde Group