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DAC Beachcroft LLP (DACB) is a leading international legal firm with offices across the UK, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. They partner with clients to help them achieve sustainable growth and to defend their business and reputation.


DAC Beachcroft are recognised leaders in insurance, Health and Real Estate and draw on the knowledge, industry experience and commercial expertise of their outstanding 2,300 lawyers and support colleagues in these sectors and beyond. DACB have offices in the UK, Spain, Ireland, Mexico, Singapore, Columbia and Chile.

The Challenge

The MPLS network connected the European operations but separate Internet breakout were utilised in Mexico, Singapore, Columbia and Chile.


This created a challenge when connecting to corporate applications and increased security management at these locations. DACB’s incumbent supplier managed the MPLS network but local services were contracted for at the offices outside of Europe.


DACB operated WAN acceleration solution in-house and a hybrid approach to security meant that separate Firewalls and Cloud security were in place to create a comprehensive security solution.


DACB wanted to replace the existing fragmented network with a coherent single infrastructure based on low latency and optimised security layer. DACB have a Cloud first strategy utilising Microsoft Azure, however, several legacy applications will remain onsite for the foreseeable future.

Business Meeting
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The Solution

Soniza completed a requirement gathering exercise including documenting the strategic, technical, functional and business needs.

Soniza then created a Request for Proposal (RFP) detailing the; supplier profile, technical, implementation and support requirements.  Working alongside the client, Soniza helped identify suitable suppliers to receive the RFP based on strict governance and selection criteria.


Soniza managed the Procurement process answering technical questions and facilitating supplier Q&A sessions which clarified any ambiguity.


Once RFP’s were received Soniza analysed each response using our comprehensive evaluation model and compared the technical merits of each solution against cost and the competition.  A short-list of three suppliers was selected based on the analysis and they were asked to present their solution to the evaluation panel.


Soniza, with the client, reviewed and compared each of the short-listed suppliers’ content, clarification and following a brief ‘best and final offers’ exercise, produced a process review and supplier recommendations report.

The Outcome

DACB can now take advantage of the current market commercial rates, they have a global security policy to meet the needs of the organisation and have reduced the 

management overhead of managing multiple networks and security infrastructure, the winning bidder can provide true global connectivity and offer full transparency of the network.


Soniza’s involvement in the project meant that DACB could continue with their day jobs knowing that the process is moving forward. DACB had peace of mind that experienced consultants was managing their best interests and that the process was fully auditable should any challenges be identified in the future.


DACB were able to substantially reduce costs and implement a better more secure solution

DAC Beachcroft no longer need to worry about creating regional security and having selected and implemented a global Cloud security partner.


The implemented network included is now application aware meaning that corporate apps can be managed on an individual level and prioritised.


DAC Beachcroft now have a flexible solution to support the business globally including the ability to address new global markets which was previously not possible. 


One of the key advantages of the new network supplier is providing agility and dynamic bandwidth allocation to Cloud services.  This allows DACB to control costs while benefiting from the connected Cloud

The Results

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