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DAC Beachcroft LLP (DACB) is a leading international legal firm with offices across the UK, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America. They partner with clients to help them achieve sustainable growth and to defend their business and reputation.


DAC Beachcroft are recognised leaders in insurance, Health and Real Estate and draw on the knowledge, industry experience and commercial expertise of their outstanding 2,300 lawyers and support colleagues in these sectors and beyond. DACB have offices in the UK, Spain, Ireland, Mexico, Singapore, Columbia and Chile.

The Challenge

DACB had been with their incumbent mobile supplier for over 7 years.  While they had provided an acceptable level of service over that period, the business had grown and technology had moved on.


DACB has over 1,200 mobile connection and were looking to reduce costs and increase transparency.  DACB wanted to ensure they were getting the best value for money while maintaining quality and benefiting from market-rate tariffs.

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The Solution

Soniza ran several workshops with the client to understand their requirements in detail and where the pain points were of the existing contract.


Soniza audited the entire estate across a six-month billing period and was able to identify services which were not being used and infrastructure that could be removed without affecting service to users.


Soniza ran a market review exercise to establish market rate tariff and we able to use this information to negotiate a more cost-effective contract with the incumbent supplier.

The Outcome

The outcome of the project identified an audit saving of 19%, by consolidating, removing legacy services and infrastructure..


A contract negotiation which was completed yielding additional savings against the benchmarking exercise.  The additional savings equated to  65% compared to current costs, realizing  £775,000 savings over the lifetime of the contract (36 months).


Through Soniza’s involvement in the project, the client was able to not only agree better commercial terms but also improve service management and user transparency across the estate.


Soniza was also able to negotiate that DACB has the flexibility to automatically flex (add & cancel services) during their contract.  This not only aligned the services to DACB’s business model but further reduced the cost through the lifetime of the contract.


Soniza’s independent approach meant that DACB could be assured that their best interests were being looked after and that the project team could continue with their day jobs knowing that the process was moving forward.

Through Soniza’s contract negotiation the client was able to save 65% against current costs.



Soniza completed an audit of each line item which achieved an additional saving of 19% for services which were no longer required..



The project included migrating services from the existing outdated supplier infrastructure to a new, agile and proactive solution.

The Results

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  “Soniza acted with professionalism and enabled us to achieve substantial one-off savings, while having a strategy to continuing saving throughout the contract”

Karen Lewis, Global Head of Procurement