Independent Advice and Savings, No Preferred Suppliers or Solutions

Realise the savings to be had, quickly and accurately.  From Audits to Procurement and Benchmarking to Contract Negotiation, there are millions to be saved across your telecoms bills.


Substantial savings, quickly with no fuss.

Soniza's dedicated team of Consultants and Analysts are committed to helping drive cost efficiencies across all areas of telecoms.

Our savings process is designed to offer a comprehensive cost savings methodology across multiple technology areas. We can help:

  • Benchmark the current cost allowing for an informed contract negotiation

  • Audit the existing infrastructure allowing the cancellation of unused services

  • Procure replacement services allowing you to take advantage of market rates

  • Negotiate Contracts to allow an existing or new supplier to provide services at market rates 

At Soniza we work tirelessly for our clients ensuring they benefit from both one-off proactive supplier and infrastructure management.


Cost Saving Consulting Services

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We pride ourselves on being ahead of the market, knowing where technology works and where it doesn't. Our comprehensive approach to cost savings has helped some of the best-known companies in the world find cost efficiencies without affecting service to end users.


Soniza's clients include: Penguin Random House, The Economist, Bestways, Shelter DAC Beachcroft, RPC, Hyde Housing, The IET, The Illuminated River Foundation, BITC, Quantum Plus, Bath ASU, Taylor Wimpey, Morgan Sindall, Keepmoat, Diabetes UK and many more... 


Soniza's team of lead consultants, support consultants, data analysts and project managers guarantee that the right skills are deployed at the right time to maximise investment, keep costs low and ensure the right resource is available throughout the lifetime of a project.


A telecoms audit can often be the first step is cost savings.  It allows you to know: what you have, where it is? if it's in use? and if it's required?


At Soniza our approach is to attack savings from a range of different source, this may include: reviewing past invoices, analysing billing information, meetings with users on-site and physical site surveys. This approach allows for savings to be found and verified on multiple levels. 


Benchmarking costs against market rates can allow you to have the information for a contract renegotiation with an existing supplier, it could facilitate a business case to be created or can simply provide likely savings before a procurement is carried out.


Soniza have extensive benchmarking data from our own database and from procurements we have completed.  We can not only benchmark costs but also services and service levels


Procurement is often the best way to ensure the lowest costs. Through fair and legitimate competition suppliers propose their most competitive rates in order to win deals.  A well thoughtout procurement ensures not only the best commercial rates but the best company to partner with and the best service to expect.


Soniza help clients procure services across all telecoms and I.T. Our proven methodology, documentation and experience ensures the best outcome overall for our client.


Often clients like the service being provided by a supplier but when the contract ends they also want to ensure they are getting the best possible value for money when resigning a contract.

Soniza provides contract negotiation/renegotiation on behalf of clients which ensures value for money and mutually beneficial terms.


We have the data to know what market rates should be and know where the suppliers will negotiate.  This puts Soniza in a unique position and allows our clients to take advantage of our industry knowledge to their advantage.


Telecoms contracts typically last many years. It is often the case that services are added during this period and even more common is that the person who originally negotiated the contract has either left or is no longer responsible for it.


Soniza provides a contract management service.  We manage contracts proactively, reviewing the services on a regular basis and informing you when it no longer provides you value for money.


Telecoms Expense Management (TEM) is a proactive service which ensures cost optimisation at all times.  It includes reviewing each invoice individually to ensure costs are correct, reviewing the raw data from suppliers to ensure each item is correct, escalating costs which are not correct and managing the account from a cost perspective.

Soniza's pragmatic approach to TEM allows our clients the safety of knowing they are always signed up to what they contract for.  We provide monthly reports on proposed cost savings and we can implement those savings once signed off by you.


The ability to proactively manage services, from new orders to adds, moves and changes allows the up to date management information to ensure that prices are correctly applied.  It also allows the business to concentrate on their core business instead of dealing with operational requests.


Soniza offer a proactive service management solution which incorporates a telecoms service management function, which in turn provides consolidated management of all of your suppliers. 


Most companies have a number of telecoms providers and this creates problems with regards to consistent management and cost optimisation. 


Soniza have helped many clients consolidate their supplier base.  This may be with an existing supplier or a completely new one.  A single vendor allows better economies of scale in regards to cost, easier management and in most cases better transparency and reporting.


















Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project with one of our consultants.