Chesterfield Borough Council (CBC) based in Derbyshire, provide their residents with services including; benefits and advice, planning and building control, refuse and recycling, local business services, housing and several other community support services. 


The Council has over 3,000 employees and operate across 16 sites in the Borough including the Town Hall, Museum, Visitor Centre, Pomegranate Theatre and Assembly Rooms. 

The Challenge

Chesterfield Borough Council had been with their incumbent supplier for over 7 years.  While the network coverage was good, the account management and service support had reduced in quality substantially.  This meant that the Council were forced to buy hardware from a 3rd party, while service reviews were generic and unfocused.


Additionally, the Council were not getting the transparency and reporting required to manage service delivery.  The supplier largely engaged on a self-service model which did not meet with the Council’s needs.

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The Solution

Soniza ran requirements workshops with several stakeholders, the I.T. team and end-users.  The sessions identified the operational and functional requirements for the teams.  Time was taken to understand the Council’s strategic direction which facilitated leveraging mobile technology to enable their workforce to perform their jobs.


Soniza then turned the requirements into a Request for Proposal (RFP), this included requirements on, the supplier profile, mobile service requirements, implementation of the service, account management, support requirement and commercial requirements.

Soniza then managed the procurement process with support from the Councils preferred procurement partner.


As an open tender exercise, we received 9 responses which were short-listed down to 3 based on the evaluation team’s analysis of each supplier’s response against our agreed criteria.


Following the supplier presentations and clarifications, the scoring analysis was updated and a final supplier selected.

The Outcome

From the procurement of a new mobile supplier the Council were now able to achieve substantial savings of 39% compared to current costs.  Additionally, the Council now have a two-tiered support system, including a self-service portal and proactive face to face account management.


The Council also have complete transparency and reporting across the estate for easier solution management.


Through Soniza’s work, we reduced

spend by 39%.




The Council now have a platform which proactively monitors usage to reduce bill shock and provides a detailed analysis for the Council to make real-time business decisions.



The Council have a partner they can trust and that can meet all of their needs.  The proactive approach means that they are identifying issues before they occur, reducing the management overhead on I.T.

The Results

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