Soniza win a major retailer in the UK

Soniza are very pleased to announce that we've signed an major retailer in the UK. The project is to scope, develop and execute the digitisation of engagement both from within the business and external communications. We look forward to helping this fantastic brand grow and develop into a world leader of customer and internal comms. The Soniza Team

Do you really need a new contact centre?

One of the questions we pose to clients when looking at contact centre procurement projects is ‘do they actually need a new contact centre’. You would probably be surprised how often the answer is ‘no’. Contact Centres are sold on functionality, supplier X can provide integrated WFM, supplier Y can provide flexible cost model, Supplier Z can integrate with Social Media etc. But functionality alone misses the point of what customer service should be about. The question should be not what functionality a product can do but what outcome do you want to achieve. For example; your contact centre may be running at 110% and you think that by reducing the number of calls or shifting channels may red

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