Maximise Your Cost Saving

Soniza have launched a new service to Maximise Your Cost Savings. We've been savings clients hundreds of thousands of pounds for years, either by Auditing and removing unused services and infrastructure, Procuring new services for clients, or Negotiating contracts to achieve market rates. Typically these services are based on a consultancy day rate, however, we've listened to our clients feedback and created a new service based on performance. We now offer a comprehensive savings solution, the idea is that we use all of our experience, in-house tools and resource to maximise the savings for our client's. This may include Auditing, Benchmarking, Service reviews, Supplier Consolidation, Expen

New Website

Soniza have launched their new website. It's now easier to find what you're looking for. We've added our new services, including Print savings, CRM consulting and I.T. Hardware procurement. We've added a 'Services' page to easily identify how we can help and our Expertise and Services in each area. The 'About Us' is now more current and we've included some case studies of some of our clients where particular challenges have been overcome. See for yourself here. We'd love to know your feedback as well so feel free to contact us at

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