Proactive customer engagement

The cost of existing customer engagement is high for most organisations. To have a contact centre is expensive. So what’s the best way to cut down on mundane customer interactions. Proactive Engagement! Don't wait for your customers to contact you, contact them before they even know they have a requirement. As an example, take the airline industry. Airlines will remind customers of their trip two weeks before they leave, then again a week before they go away and then again the day before they travel. This has two purposes, 1. To try and sell customers additional services, 2. To try and make sure they don't turn up at the airport not having completed all the formalities which they can do yo

The rise of the self service contact centre

One to one customer service is expensive. To have one agent speaking with one customer can cost a lot of money. The technology needed, the physical infrastructure, staff time and management are all costs to serve the customer service function. Customers are often simply looking for an update on an existing issue or wanting to find out about a product, maybe get an account balance etc. Employing staff to fulfil these tasks is inefficient and pricey. This means that companies are looking at other ways to cater for these tasks. One way is to have an IVR system that allows customers to enter an account code or can recognise a phone number and tell the customer the information before getting th

June 2017, mobile roaming costs are set to reduce.

Back in October 2015 an EU ruling took place that by next month (April 2016) there will be a cap on mobile roaming charges while travelling in the EU. Additionally by June 2017 roaming charges while in the EU should be dropped altogether. This is great news and long overdue, however, it is still unclear how mobile operators are going to make up the shortfall in revenue which they used to get from expensive roaming rates. Some have suggested that this will mean that general rates to everyone will increase for travellers and domestic users alike in order to comply with the directive, others say that this will create volatility in the market through acquisitions and increased competition while

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