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Agilisys is one of the UK’s leading digital technology providers. Since 1998 they have been helping forward-thinking organisations to transform services that make a difference to millions of people across the UK.


Agilisys deliver success through innovation, working with their customers to transform services that make a difference to millions of people across the UK. Working for both the public and private sector, they have earned a strong reputation and hold deep domain expertise in delivering transformational services, particularly within local and central government.


Agilisys support customers through a network of offices and centres of excellence throughout the UK, employing over 1,500 staff. They also offer wider business and support opportunities by being part of Blenheim Chalcot, the UK’s leading venture builder. Founded in 1998, Blenheim Chalcot specialises in building digital businesses that transform industries. It has portfolio sales of over £300m, more than 3,000 employees, and a successful track record of over 40 companies. 

The Challenge

The existing contact centre solution while feature-rich was based on legacy infrastructure. This meant it was both inflexible and also expensive to maintain. The solution also didn’t meet a number of functional requirements and overtime Agilisys had adopted discrete technologies in order to meet customer demand.  This made reporting difficult across multiple platforms.


Soniza were asked to create a contact centre strategy, procurement strategy and detailed business requirements document.

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Project Scope

The scope of the project included:

  • Contact Centre

  • Workforce Management

  • Call Recording

  • System integration

  • Omni-Channel

  • Self-Service

  • Management Information / Reporting

  • Digital Channels

  • Inbound / Outbound Services

  • Service Levels

  • Support & Maintenance

  • Account Management

The Solution

Contact Centre Strategy


Soniza ran several workshops with Agilisys in order to understand the business operations, strategic direction and constraints.  We created a strategy that aligned to the wider business strategy taking into consideration:

  • Solution Architecture – What architecture model worked best for Agilisys.

  • Licence Flexibility - How flexible do commercials need to be to meet changing business demands?

  • Business Growth – How can a replacement contact centre solution assist business growth?

  • Service Offering – What services do Agilisys want to offer their customers in the future?

  • Ai Adoption - Is there any plans to reduce/increase headcount through technology initiatives?

  • New Technology – Consider new technology and how it can create a positive impact on business operations.

  • Managed Service – Do Agilisys want to manage the solution or would they prefer the solution to be managed on their behalf?

  • Resilience – What levels of resilience are required?

  • Commercial Prediction – How much will a replacement solution cost and the options to add functionality and scale into the Contact Centre.


Procurement Strategy


Soniza worked with Procurement in order to understand how the business procured services, what the constraints were and the route to take.  Specifically, we addressed:

  • Single or multiple procurement.

  • Framework or private sector tendering.

  • Single or multiple suppliers.

  • List of potential suppliers.

  • Evaluation weightings.

Business Requirements Document


Soniza worked with each of the contact centre managers, end-users, agents, Business Intelligence, I.T., Resource Managers and several other areas of the business to tease out detailed requirements.  We were able to create a detailed business requirements document that addressed all of the areas of the contact centre management and operations.  This document was able to form the basis of the procurement document for later stages of the project.